How to CREATE the Action with Your CALL to Action

So you've created a posting schedule and are publishing great content to your social media platforms. You have a solid foundation of followers and are posting consistently, but your audience is just not responding to your posts.

Are you giving them a Call to Action?

A Call to Action (CTA) is an instruction to the audience designed to provoke an immediate response- a command or statement that encourages your readers to focus their attention on the next action you want them to take. The CTA we provide them with depends on what our marketing goals are, and exactly what we want them to do or where we want them to go next. They allow you to be more intentional with your social media posts, enable you to interact with your audience, and reach your social media goals.

To get your audience responding and your followers engaging, creating effective CTAs are key. Here are some tips on crafting clear and engaging CTAs to motivate your followers and respond to your social media efforts.

1. Know what your social media goals are

Are you looking to send readers to your website? Sign up for a newsletter? Register for an event? Purchase your product? Download an ebook? You have to first determine what you want them to do before you can tell them what to do and how to do it!

2. Use a strong, commanding action verb to start your CTA

The most effective CTAs are clear and concise. It is important to be straight-forward, get to the point, and let them know exactly what you want them to do!

Promoting a Newsletter? Use words like "subscribe" or "sign-up."

Have an e-com site? Start your CTA with "buy," "order," and "shop."

Want readers to check out your content? Try "download," "learn," or "read."

3. Motivate your audience to act

The main goal of your CTA is to motivate your audience to act. And two main ways to motivate your audience is to communicate enthusiasm and emotion, and create a sense of urgency. Take full advantage of FOMO (fear of missing out) by creating a sense of urgency within your CTA. Using words like, "now," "hurry," "today," will make people think they may miss out on an opportunity that might not come around again, and will want to jump on the promotion. And similarly, communicating enthusiasm with exclamation points and fresh, excitable language will be contagious and will get your audience excited about the offer as well.

4. Give your audience a reason to click

You can tell your audience how to act, but if there's not something in it for them, it doesn't matter what you tell them to do! Give them an idea of how clicking or calling or reading or visiting your website will help them out.

5. Create a consistency in CTA and digital imagery

There is nothing worse than clicking on a CTA for an offer or a download and being sent to a landing page with no reference to the offer! Make sure that the webpage you are sending your readers to isn't broken and is consistent with the offer or product or event that you're promoting in your CTA. Also, don't forget about graphic images, bright CTA buttons, and attractive imagery to draw attention to the CTA and then consistent imagery on the landing page.

6. Test and track your efforts

The message may sound great, and the images may be on point, and the CTA may be perfectly stated, but the ONLY way you will know if the effort is effective and working, is if you track your conversions! You can track click-throughs, engagement, website traffic, traffic sources, and so much more, and you need to make sure you're doing it. And if you have several ideas and you're not sure which will be most effective, try an A/B test and try out a few different ones! Adjust the CTA or the images or the message and see which one garners the most engagement. Sometimes testing will give you better insight into which option your customers react to the best.

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