Meet Our Team... with Briana Harris!

We have introduced you Amanda and Michele, and now we'd love for you to meet the newest member of the Magnolia Marketing Group team, Briana Harris!

Hi Briana! Tell us about yourself!

Hello all! My name is Briana! I am originally from Decatur, Georgia; but now I reside in Atlanta. I absolutely LOVE theatre, spoken word poetry, and Fox Bros. BBQ. My love of theatre stems from several years of Youth Creates and Playmakers for Girls, which are programs I participated in through middle and high school. In the programs, we world write, direct and stage the entire play; sometimes in a week and other times after just 2 and a half months.

Currently, I am senior at Georgia State University! I major in Accounting and Managerial Science. I graduate in December , so I'm very excited jump into the real world running. When I'm not at school, I am volunteering as an Accounting Intern for 2 organizations and working as a Fan Ambassador for The College Football Hall of Fame! And now I can add working as a Social Media Strategist and Market Data Analyst to that list!

I joined the Magnolia Marketing Group in April. I found out about the position, while volunteering for a ShowMe50 meeting. While there, I met the awesome Amanda Luton, and the rest is history.

What are your responsibilities on the MMG team?

My responsibilities include finding, posting and tagging content on different social media accounts. I manage each pages shares, followers and likes. I wrap all of that information and analysis into reports, and find more ways to increase their following.

What's a typical day look like for you?

A typical day, for me, looks like walks on the beach, strawberry cake and butter pecan ice cream, and constantly being showered with money. Then when I stop day dreaming, I'm going to class and work, taking those walks, only it's in the park, playing basketball and badminton (badly) and watching This Is Us, trying to hold back the tears!

What excites you the most about working with MMG?

I am excited to work with MMG because I get to be really creative and be on social media all the time, with a purpose! Being able to be on social media at work has been the goal since I made a Facebook in middle school. It also feels great to be a part of growth and to be a part of a true team. MMG has grown so much as is, and is continuing to build and help others with the same entrepreneurial spirit that Amanda had while starting MMG. Being able to collaborate and make someones vision come to fruition is a great feeling. In addition to the work, being a part of this team is a powerful thing. Amanda and Michele are two wonderful people with grand passion, and it feels great to surround myself with such positivity and success.

Thank you SO much, Briana! So glad to have you on the team!

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